Public events

The EU3D Future of Europe Lectures are held in the ten partner countries by Advisory Board members or other prominent lecturers.

The EU3D Debates on the Future of Europe are held as townhall debates engaging with citizens across Europe.

EU3D student/youth debates will be held to discuss project findings and future scenarios with young people across Europe.


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Time and place: Nov. 8, 2022 5:30 PM, Sciences Po Grenoble - Amphi F

Sonja Puntscher Riekmann, member of the EU3D advisory Board, will hold a lecture titled "From Crisis to Crisis: The determinants of Europe's future". 

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Time and place: Nov. 1, 2022 4:30 PM6:00 PM, Auditorium 3, Eilert Sundts hus, Moltke Moes vei 31, University of Oslo

John Erik Fossum will speak about Europe's democratic future and implications for Norway for a group of students at the University of Oslo. 

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Time and place: Oct. 25, 2022 6:00 PM7:30 PM, Domus Bibliotheca, University of Oslo

The University of Oslo will host the event "Krig i Europa: EU i et nytt Europa" ("War in Europe: EU in a new Europe"). 

Time and place: Oct. 19, 2022 8:30 AM10:45 AM, LUISS, Rome

Students at LUISS will debate the position of EU member states during the Conference on the Future of Europe with Professor Sergio Fabbrini and the co-authors of a report on the subject Andrea Capati, Dora Hegedus and Dr Tiziano Zgaga.

Time and place: Sep. 22, 2022 9:00 AM5:00 PM, The British Academy 10-11 Carlton House Terrace London

John Erik Fossum participated in a conference on how the UK has repositioned itself in Europe and the world.

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Time and place: Sep. 15, 2022 4:00 PM5:30 PM, CEPS, 1 Place du Congrès,1000 Brussels

EU3D researcher Jarle Trondal will present his book The Routledge Handbook of Differentiation in the European Union, co-edited with Benjamin Leruth and Stefan Gänzle.

Time and place: Sep. 9, 2022 3:00 PMSep. 10, 2022 3:00 PM, Diplomatische Akademie, Vienna, Austria

EU3D researchers John Erik Fossum, Kalypso Nicolaidis and Max Steuer will participate in the concluding conference on “Future of Europe in Debate: Insights from a Deliberative Democracy Perspective” on 9-10 September 2022.

Time and place: Sep. 6, 2022 5:30 PM6:15 PM, Palais des Academies, Rue Ducale 1, 1000 Brussels

Bruegel organized a debate with the winner of the Bruegel Youth Essay Competition 2022 during their Annual Meetings days, the 6th of September 2022.

Time and place: June 16, 2022 6:30 PM8:00 PM, Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens

Loukas Tsoukalis, ELIAMEP President and Professor at Sciences Po Paris will hold the lecture  'How has the war in Ukraine affected EU enlargement in the Western Balkans?' in Athens on 16 June. 

Time and place: May 5, 2022 4:00 PM6:00 PM, Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University

Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University, in cooperation with the Embassy of France in Warsaw organised a student debate titled 'The Green Recovery and Energy Transition in the context of the Future of Europe' on 5 May 2022.

Time: May 5, 2022Sep. 30, 2022

Eu3D researchers participated in the DiCE Regional Assemblies across Europe in 2022. 

Time and place: Feb. 3, 2022 6:00 PM7:00 PM, Zoom

John Erik Fossum and Kalypso Nicolaïdis will participate in a seminar on the Conference on the Future of Europe organised by Groupe d'études géopolitiques on 3 February 2022. 

Time and place: Jan. 27, 2022 5:00 PM6:30 PM, Online

Karolina Czerska-Shaw will participate in an online panel on migration and European security in an event organised by LSE IDEAS CSEEP at the Jagiellonian University.

Time and place: Jan. 24, 2022Jan. 29, 2022, Sciences Po Grenoble, amphi A

Sciences Po Grenoble will host a series of debates on the future of the European Union on 24-28 January 2022, at the occasion of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU. 

Time and place: Dec. 9, 2021 4:00 PM6:00 PM, Online

EU3D researcher Kalypso Nicolaidis and the School of Transnational Governance hosts a public forum on citizen participation on 9 November 2021 as a run up to the European Citizens' Panels at EUI. 

Time and place: Nov. 18, 2021 6:00 PM8:00 PM, Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University

Jagiellonian University organised a student debate entitled 'The rule of law: Poland and the European Union on a collision course?' on 18 November 2021.

Time and place: June 25, 2021 10:00 AM11:00 AM, Online

On 25 June, University of Konstanz hosted a student event discussing the structure and the topics of the Conference on the Future of Europe and whether it will have an impact on shaping the EU's future.

Time and place: June 11, 2021 4:00 PM6:30 PM, Online

Pedro Teixeira, author of The Legal History of the European Banking Union, in dialogue with Bent Sofus Tranøy and Klaus Tuori. 

Time and place: May 19, 2021 1:00 PM2:30 PM, Online

Luiss Guido Carli is organising the second EU3D Lecture on the Future of Europe. The lecture will be held by Sonja Puntscher Riekmann and discuss EU’s difficult passage to risk-sharing in financial policy.

Time and place: Apr. 14, 2021 5:00 PM6:30 PM, Online

Leading experts will share their analyses of the emerging political role of the European Commission in this online panel discussion, organised by Webster University in Vienna. Moderated by EU3D Professor Jozef Bátora.

Time and place: Mar. 11, 2021 10:00 AMMar. 12, 2021 1:00 PM, Online

The conference will bring together experts and stakeholders from policymaking, civil society and academia, as well as a ‘witness panel’ with stakeholders involved in the Brexit negotiations. 

Time and place: Dec. 16, 2020 12:30 PM2:00 PM, Zoom

EU3D researchers Prof. John Erik Fossum and Prof. Jozef Bátora (eds.) will present their book at the European Governance and Politics Programme (EGPP) seminar series.

Time and place: Nov. 27, 2020 12:30 PM1:30 PM, Online

In July, Germany took over the presidency of the Council of the European Union. EU3D researcher Prof. Dirk Leuffen and MEP Andreas Schwab will discuss the German presidency and the future of Europe. 

This digital event is organised by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and will be held in German.

Time and place: Oct. 30, 2019 1:15 PM2:30 PM, Scene HumSam, 1 floor in HumSam-library in Georg Sverdrups hus

John Erik Fossum participated in a panel on Brexit on 30 October 2019. Guri Rosén moderated the debate.

Time and place: Sep. 18, 2019 6:30 PM8:00 PM, Law Library, Domus Bibliotheca, Karl Johans gate 47

Sir Ivan Rogers, former UK ambassador to the EU held the first EU3D Future of Europe Lecture at the University of Oslo on 18 September 2019.