Workshop: Political differentiation and the spectre of dominance

ARENA Centre for European Studies organised a workshop on differentiation and dominance in Oslo on 23-24 January 2020.

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The purpose of this workshop is threefold: First is to conceptualise dominance in today’s highly interdependent and inter-imbricated political context. Second is to clarify the relationship between dominance and differentiation. Third is to consider the nature and scope for democratic reform. The first part of the workshop provides an overview of the EU3D project as a necessary framing reference for the subsequent discussion. The second part provides a range of case studies of those aspects of the EU post-crises that are most closely associated with the turn to dominance. The third part discusses different conceptions of dominance.

Event summary: Political differentiation and dominance in European policy-making

Thursday 23 January




Overview of EU3D and general discussion

John Erik Fossum, ARENA Centre for European Studies 


Coffee break


Case studies of dominance and the link to differentiation

  • EU monetary and fiscal policy - Agustín José Menéndez, ARENA Centre for European studies
  • The Eurozone crisis - Asimina Michailidou, ARENA Centre for European Studies
  • The refugee crisis - Dia Anagnostou, ELIAMEP
  • Executive dominance - John Erik Fossum, ARENA Centre for European Studies


End of programme day 1


Dinner, Sentralen (Øvre Slottsgate 3)

Friday 24 January


Normative conceptions of dominance and differentiation

  • Richard Bellamy, European University Institute
  • Erik O. Eriksen, ARENA Centre for European Studies
  • Andreas Niederberger, Univeversität Duisburg Essen


Coffee break


Democratic reform: undoing dominance - how does differentiation figure?

  • Operationalisation and research design for the analyses of parliamentary debates - Magdalena Góra, Jagiellonian University and Hans-Jörg Trenz, ARENA centre for European Studies and University of Copenhagen
  • Roundtable discussion on drivers of reform - WP heads


Concluding reflections

  • Craig Parsons, University of Oregon



Full programme (pdf)

If you have questions, contact Geir Kværk or John Erik Fossum at ARENA.

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