Coordination team

The EU3D coordination team is based at ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo. Contact us at:

John Erik Fossum

EU3D Scientific Coordinator


  • Scientific coordination

Geir Kværk

EU3D Project Manager


  • Administrative coordination
  • Financial matters
  • Contractual and legal matters

Geir has long-time experience from the administrative coordination of research projects. He was project manager for the FP5-funded CIDEL (Citizenship and Democratic Legitimacy in Europe), the FP6-funded RECON (Reconstituting Democracy in Europe) and the H2020-funded GLOBUS (Reconsidering European Contributions to Global Justice) project. He has also been Administrative Director at ARENA. Geir holds an MA in political science from the University of Oslo, while his undergraduate degree includes studies in French and the history and politics of Western Europe and North America.

Marit Eldholm

EU3D Dissemination Manager


  • Dissemination strategy and plan

Marit has extensive experience with research dissemination, communication and impact from previous positions at ARENA, and is also project manager of the H2020-funded PLATO PhD network (2017-2020). She holds an MA in political science from the University of Oslo and an undergraduate degree including political science, French, and Italian language from Bergen, Brussels and Catania.

Ragnhild Grønning

EU3D Communications Adviser


  • Web and social media editor
  • EU3D blog and podcast
  • Media contact point

Ragnhild works with research communication and support at ARENA and is also Communications Adviser for the H2020-funded GLOBUS project (2016-2020). She holds an MA in International Affairs from the George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs and a BA in Political Science from the University of Oslo. Ragnhild has previously been an intern at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC and research assistant at ARENA.


ARENA Centre for European Studies
University of Oslo
P.O.Box 1143 Blindern
0318 Oslo, Norway

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