EU3D's work packages (WPs)

WP1 Analytical Framework

Heads of WP: John Erik Fossum (ARENA) and Erik O. Eriksen (ARENA)

Key objective: To develop a critical theory of political differentiation that specifies the conditions under which differentiation is politically acceptable, institutionally sustainable and democratically legitimate, and the conditions under which it is not, i.e. when conditions of dominance prevail.


WP2 EU-internal differentiation

Heads of WP: Jozef Bàtora (Comenius University) and Ben Rosamond (University of Copenhagen)

Key objective: To identify and assess those forms of EU differentiation that are most closely associated with dominance with regard to EU-internal forms of differentiation, and trace their causes and historical roots.


WP3 EU-external differentiation

Heads of WP: Dia Anagnostou (ELIAMEP), Sabine Saurugger (Sciences Po Grenoble) and Chris Lord (ARENA)

Key objective: To establish whether there is dominance in EU-external differentiation: enlargement, affiliated non-members, Brexit; and comparing the EU with other forms of political entities.


WP4 Opinions, debates and reforms

Heads of WP: Dirk Leuffen (University of Konstanz), Jan Zielonka (University of Oxford) and Asimina Michailidou (ARENA)

Key objective: To analyse experiences and perspectives on differentiation of key actors (citizens, media,  parliaments, sub-national levels) and how they shape conditions for EU reforms.


WP5 Future of Europe reforms

Heads of WP: Magdalena Gora (Jagiellonian University) and Sergio Fabbrini (LUISS Guido Carli)

Key objective: To undertake a systematic assessment of the debate on the future of Europe.


WP6 Policy and polity recommendations

Heads of WP: Guntram Wolff (Bruegel) and John Erik Fossum (ARENA)

Objectives: set up a structure for knowledge exchange between researchers, practitioners and experts; produce a set of policy and polity recommendations; ensure a long-lasting policy impact of EU3D’s research.


WP7 Dissemination and communciation

Heads of WP: Marit Eldholm (ARENA) and John Erik Fossum (ARENA)

Objectives: ensure a long-term scientific impact of EU3D’s research; create spaces for discussion between researchers, policy makers, civil society, youth and citizens and ensure knowledge transfer and exploitation of project results by these key stakeholders groups; communicate EU3D activities and findings in a manner to be understood by non-academics; enhance awareness of EU3D among European citizens through public engagement and outreach.


WP8 Project management

Heads of WP: Geir Kværk (ARENA) and John Erik Fossum (ARENA)

Key objective: To ensure efficient and high quality contractual, financial and legal consortium management of EU3D, ensuring that all contractual obligations are fulfilled and that the project achieves its ambitious aims.


WP9: Ethics requirements

Head of WP: John Erik Fossum (ARENA)

Objectives: Ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package and in the ethics assessment report from the Research Executive Agency.

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