The main objective of EU3D’s dissemination activities is to ensure a lasting scientific, policy and societal impact of the project.

EU3D's plan

The EU3D Dissemination and Communication Plan outlines a set of actions addressing different target groups. Its annexes include project event guidelines, OA guidelines and overviews of publications and presentations by EU3D researchers.

Mailing lists

A set of lists are set up to ease internal project communication.

Event guidelines

Four types of local public/policy events are to be held by each EU3D partner as part of an overall project series, with the aim to engage with practitioners, policy makers, students/young people and citizens at large in our partner countries.

  • EU3D national policy dialogues (spring 2021, but postponed)
  • EU3D Lectures on the Future of Europe (2019-2021)
  • EU3D Debates on the Future of Europe (2021-2022)
  • EU3D Student Debates on the Future of Europe (2022)

Each EU3D partner is committed to organise at least one of each type

EU3D logo, colours and fonts

For any questions on the use of the logos, or for other versions than the ones above (i.e. white/negative), contact Marit Eldholm at ARENA.

Virtual backgrounds

Use a virtual background with the EU3D logo for your video meetings and webinars.