Rosamond on the Future of Europe

Ben Rosamond will give a keynote speech at  the IACES Biennial conference in Dublin on 29 November 2019.

Photo: Royal Irish Academy

Irish Association for Contemporary European Studies (IACES) Biennial Conference 2019
Ireland's European Future: Crisis, Renewal and Change

Organizer: Irish Association for European Contemporary Studies (IACES)

About the event

The past two years have witnessed ongoing processes of profound political change in Europe. This year, IACES’ biennial conference will ask what these changes mean for Ireland, its relationships with its European neighbours and its global partners, and its future role in a transformed European Union. Bringing together a diverse range of practitioners and academic experts, the conference will examine how the EU has been reshaped in the wake of the global financial crisis; interrogate the risks posed to the rule of law by the rise of populism; and seek answers to the profound questions posed by Brexit for Ireland, the UK, the EU, and relationship between them. All are welcome to join us as we explore Ireland’s European future, and what further challenges and opportunities it may bring.

Ben Rosamond (University of Copenhagen) will participate in a panel on the Future of Europe. 

Programme (

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