Publication alerts

You have to give prior notice of any planned publications to the other members of the project. All publication alerts will be posted here.

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List of publication alerts

A list of all publication alerts will be posted here. All project participants are responsible for checking this list regularly.

Dissemination of own results - EU3D Consortium agreement

Prior notice of any planned publication shall be given to the other Parties at least 45 calendar days before the publication. Any objection to the planned publication shall be made in accordance with the Grant Agreement in writing to the Coordinator and to the Party or Parties proposing the dissemination within 30 calendar days after receipt of the notice. If no objection is made within the time limit stated above, the publication is permitted.

Short publications, abstracts and poster presentations are exempt from the above notification procedure.

An objection is justified if
(a) the protection of the objecting Party's Results or Background would be adversely affected
(b) the objecting Party's legitimate interests in relation to the Results or Background would be significantly harmed.

The objection has to include a precise request for necessary modifications.

If an objection has been raised the involved Parties shall discuss how to overcome the justified grounds for the objection on a timely basis (for example by amendment to the planned publication and/or by protecting information before publication) and the objecting Party shall not unreasonably continue the opposition if appropriate measures are taken following the discussion.

The objecting Party can request a publication delay of not more than 90 calendar days from the time it raises such an objection. After 90 calendar days the publication is permitted.