Opting for opt-outs?

Martin Moland (ARENA) will present the paper 'Opting for opt-outs? Untangling the role of identity in shaping support for differentiated integration' at ECPR's DI Garage on 7 October 2021.  

Paper abstract

A large literature investigates support for European integration. However, only recently have public opinion scholars turned their focus to public perceptions of differentiated modes of integration. This article contributes to this growing literature by investigating whether exclusively national identities lead to a demand for more differentiated integration at the EU level, regardless of individual views of the question of EU membership. Using survey data from 2020, I show that solely identifying with one’s nation-state does not increase support for temporally or functionally differentiated European integration in any substantive way. However, it appears to be a key motivator of support for differentiation among those opposing EU membership. This suggests that those most concerned with sovereignty are no more likely than others to support a more differentiated EU. It also suggests that a more differentiated future EU may not be enough to stem constraining dissensus at the popular level.

The event is a part of the ECPR Research Network on Differentiated Integration in the European Union's online seminar series DI Garage. 

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Published Oct. 7, 2021 3:44 PM - Last modified Oct. 7, 2021 3:44 PM