Principles and practices of the EU’s relations with affiliated non-members

John Erik Fossum will give a presentation on principles and practices of the EU's relations with affiliated non-members at ECPR's DI Garage on 3 June 2021. 

Photo: Johannes Jansson (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

About the event

The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the principles underpinning the EU’s arrangements with non-members, be they states seeking to associate with the EU, or states seeking to disassociate with the EU, notably the UK. John Erik Fossum, will focus on the similarities and differences between these: how (mutually) committing they are, and how they are legally embedded and institutionally entrenched. Finally, John will discuss these affiliations in the broader context of EU external relations, in general, with a view to shed light on questions of domination. John will approach that from the vantage point of the EU as a ‘vulnerable hegemon’.

The event is a part of the ECPR Research Network on Differentiated Integration in the European Union's online seminar series DI Garage. 

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Published June 3, 2021 11:46 AM - Last modified June 3, 2021 11:49 AM